Fanscore mechanics

Tournament system

At this stage of development, the basis of FANSCORE is a tournament system based on the concept of peer-to-peer (p2p) predictions. We would like to list the key advantages of this approach over classic betting here.

Each tournament has 2 to 10 events. You need to choose 1 outcome in each event. Tournaments are formed by a group of events from a particular sport. Events take place in a short interval of time. Number of events within a tournament affects the total prize pool and NFT's run-out

1. Tournaments are played in a fair and open manner;
2. There is no direct financial interest on the part of the host;
3. The distribution of financial flows between events does not affect their coefficients.
4. The gamification of the entire process is gradually being introduced;
5. Incorrectly chosen outcomes of individual matches do not exclude the chance of getting a prize at the end of the tournament;
6. The possibility of losing all investments in the event of one or even several losses is excluded;
7. Winnings still bring substantial prizes.

Distribution of points and victory in the tournament

To win a tournament or prize places, you need to score as many points as possible. Let's take a closer look at the system:

1. Results are calcilated as the sum of the points of all correctly selected outcomes by user;
2. All players are ranked by the sum of their points;
3. The number of prizes in the tournament is determined by the formula: number of participants / 3;
4. The sum of points are calculated of users who are in prize places;
5. The reward of each of the winners is calculated according to the formula: the number of his points / the sum of the points of all winners * the prize fund * the multiplier of the Power characteristics

Account LVL UP

Basically, each account gives you 15 energies (15 tournaments per month).

Each account level gives you 3 energies (+3 tournaments per month). The cost of leveling up is calculated according to the formula: level * 50 SFT. The pumping time is also linear and is calculated according to the formula: level * 12 hours.


The cost of upgrading NFT is linear. 10 SFT additional for each level.
Time to level up is also linear. SFT level * 2 hours.
Leveling gives you the opportunity to distribute the points received for each level to characteristics of the NFT.

Rarity of NFTs

2 types of NFTs are available right now: common and uncommon.

Characteristics: 1 to 10
Upgrade points per level: 4

Characteristics: 5 to 15
Upgrade points per level: 6

In future:
- different cost of repair
- distinctive design

Run Out feature

Run out serves as a signal to fix your NFT. If the indicator reaches 100%, then you will not be able to take part in tournaments using this NFT. Fix it firstly.
You can repair the NFT completely or for a certain percentage for the SFT token.


Energy is needed to participate in tournaments.
10 energies basically for account meaning that you can take part in 10 tournaments per month. Energy is replenished every day for 1/30 of your maximum supply.