NFT characteristics

Characteristics of your NFTs

The most frequent question that comes to us is as follows:
"What do the characteristics do and why do you need to pump them?"

So, each NFT has 3 characteristics: Power, Durability, Luck.


The Power characteristic is responsible for the SFT prizes you get. Even with Power 1 you will get the rewards according to the formula used in the Alpha version. Each additional point of Power adds % to the award you receive. The higher the Power, the bigger the reward.


The Durability characteristic affects the durability of your NFT. The NFT in use will need to be repaired after each time it participates in a tournament. The higher the Durability rating, the lower the repair fee itself will be.


The Luck trait has not yet been integrated into the game mechanics. Most likely, this characteristic will be responsible for additional rewards, which will be given to the best of the list in Leaderboard.

Rarity of NFTs

2 types of NFTs are available right now: common and uncommon.

Characteristics: 1 to 10
Upgrade points per level: 4

Characteristics: 5 to 15
Upgrade points per level: 6

In future:
- different cost of repair
- distinctive design