Fanscore is a web3 peer-to-peer game created for sport fans around the world. We make use of play-to-earn and SocialFi mechanics to make watching sports great again.

Players can compete in sport tournaments, predict results and win in-game assets. To participate in a given tournament a player needs to own an NFT attribute of the corresponding sport (soccer ball, hockey stick, baseball bat, etc.) The winnings can be then spent on in-game mechanics or cashed out.

Fanscore strategic goal is to engage more people into watching, playing, and loving sport games of all kinds.

The project is currently at its private beta stage. This whitepaper is work in progress.
Getting Started
Players can now join our early supporters program. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to our website and register your account.
  2. Check out the in-game marketplace and buy at least one item from our NFT collections to join the game. Note: SFT/BNB liquidity pool is not live yet, will be launched on PancakeSwap shortly.
  3. Check the list of ongoing tournaments on the first page. Filter by type of sport if needed. You can only join the tournaments that correspond to the Fanscore NFTs you own by sport type.
  4. Enter the tournament that suits you the most.
  5. Check the list of potential outcomes of the events. The less likely it is, the more in-game points you get for choosing it. Make your choice balancing odds & rewards or depending on your own strategy
  6. Wait until all the games included in the tournament are finished.
  7. Check your results. The players who scored the most points become the winners and get their share of SFT winnings.
  8. Cash out your SFT winnings or spend them on leveling up your account and NFT gear to get better results further on.
GameFi Elements

User Avatar (under development)
  • Each player has its own virtual avatar, that controls the NFT sport attributes.
  • Avatars start at level 1, and can be upgraded by burning SFT tokens.
  • This energy limit per account (see 'Energy Cap' below) is defined by the level of the given avatar and increases as the avatar levels up.
Sport Inventory (Gear)
NFTs that are used within our project represent various sport gear (soccer ball, hockey stick, baseball bat, etc.) To participate in a tournament players need to own a corresponding NFT gear (e.g. a soccer ball NFT for tournaments containing soccer events).

Players can level up their NFT attributes by burning SFT tokens. Each new level brings new experience points (XP) that players are free to distribute among three characteristics:

  • Power – determines a bonus coefficient by which player's winnings are multiplied.
  • Durability – determines the repair costs of NFT gear. NFT gear wears off as player participates in tournaments reducing the winning amount coefficient. Players can repair their gear by burning SFT tokens. Higher durability will lower the repair costs in SFT.
  • Luck – determines the probability of getting a Mystery Sport Bag for participating in tournaments regardless of becoming winner or not.

There are 5 rarity classes of NFT inventory. Each class has its own range of default characteristic values. The final proportion is determined randomly when an NFT is minted. Per each characteristic:
  1. Common – from 1 to 10 points.
  2. Uncommon – from 5 to 15 points.
  3. Rare – TBA.
  4. Epic – TBA.
  5. Legendary – TBA.

Fanscore NFT gear can be upgraded by burning SFT tokens. Per each new level an NFT will get few skill points to distribute between characteristics. The amount of skill point per upgrade is set according to the class:
  • Common – 3 skill points per each level.
  • Uncommon – 6 skill points per each level.
  • Other classes – TBA.

Tournaments are based on combinations of 2+ sport events happening simultaneously or within a short period of time. Players compete with each other, trying to make the most precise prediction for the outcomes of the events. The less probable the outcome is, the more in-game points a player gets for choosing it. At the end of a tournament, players with highest sums of points become winners.
Results Validation
Players are offered to validate the outcomes of the tournaments in which they participated in exchange for a reward paid in SFT tokens. Outcomes confirmed by at least 2/3 of all validators are then considered correct. Validators that voted for incorrect outcomes become fined with their NFT gear durability being reduced. Thus, the good behaviour is incentivized while malicious behaviour is unprofitable due to having to have a skin in the game.

GameFi Systems

Earning Mechanics
  • Players participate in sports event p2p tournaments. They choose event outcomes, trying to maximize the amount of points they get in case these outcomes turn out to be correct.
  • Once all events within a tournament are finished, the winners are determined among all participants by comparing players' total points won.
  • The winners receive their winnings in SFT tokens.
  • Players can then either cash out their SFT winnings or spend them on upgrading their NFT gear.
  • When a player participates in a tournament, the related NFT gear becomes temporarily frozen. To participate in several tournaments for same sport type at the same time a player needs to own several corresponding NFT attributes. E.g., for playing 2 soccer tournaments at the same time you'll need 2 soccer ball NFT on your account. For playing 1 soccer and 1 hockey tournaments at the same time – 1 soccer ball NFT and 1 hockey stick NFT.
Energy Cap
  • There is an energy limit that caps the number of tournaments to participate in during the day.
  • The energy level decreases as players participate in tournaments. Each tournament takes 1 energy.
  • The energy is recovered on the daily basis by 1/30 its max level.
  • The energy limit increases as the user avatar levels up (see 'User Avatar' above).
  • The energy limit is also increased for each additional sport gear stored on the account.

In-game Marketplace

Will be revealed later

SocialFi Elements

Will be revealed later

SocialFi Systems

Will be revealed later


Utility Token
SFT serves as a utility token of the game. Players earn SFT for reaching top positions at in-game sport tournaments. SFT max supply is not limited in order to account for potential audience growth. It has a floating supply instead, with new SFT minted to pay the winnings and some SFT burned via in-game mechanics.

SFT contract address (BSC):

SFT burning mechanics:
  • Sport gear NFT repair
  • Sport gear NFT upgrades
  • Account upgrades
  • NFT minting by users (TBA)
Platform Fees
Fanscore only collects a 5% resale fee for each transaction made on its in-app NFT marketplace. The proceeds will allow fueling Fanscore further development and marketing.

The proceeds from original NFT collection sales will be sent to SFT/BNB liquidity pool, thus supporting SFT/BNB exchange rate.

A few other fees may be revealed later.
Spring 2022
✅ Web2 prototype test
✅ Token and NFT design & deploy
✅ Web3 alpha version release
✅ Early supporters program

Summer 2022
✅ Web3 private beta release
✅ NFT marketplace release
✅ P2E mechanics release
✅ Rebranding
✅ BNB liquidity pool launch

✅ In-app SFT/BNB exchange
✅ Public beta release
⏺ Global marketing
⏺ New NFT collections
⏺ Fundraising
Autumn 2022
⏺ Web3 public beta release
⏺ In-app wallet release
⏺ New sports support
⏺ Leaderboard mechanics release
⏺ Community events
⏺ Collaborations with sport clubs, brands, athletes

Winter 2022/2023
⏺ New game mechanics release
⏺ FIFA World Cup event
⏺ New sports support
⏺ Multi-chain wallet support
⏺ Multi-chain marketplace
⏺ Brand collaborations